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 Contact Information

Principal: Darin Willett
1325 Sonoma Ave
Modesto, CA 95355
(209) 576-4683 
Fax (209)569-2725




 Welcome to Sonoma Elementary

Sonoma School is a neighborhood school constructed in 1974 as an open building to create a barrier-free environment for the school's physically challenged students. The staff at Sonoma emphasize academic instruction while still providing the extracurricular activities which we believe are vital when providing a well-rounded program for students.

 Sonoma Chorus Shines!

District Choral Concert 3/30/2015, Celebrating 60 years of Disney!

Sonoma chorus sang "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins and a medley of Disney classics.  As featured in the Modesto Bee!

Watch a short video clip here!


 Young Scientists at Sonoma

     Sonoma students had a great time learning hands-on science with Enochs high school's bio-forensic program's students in January. 


 Information Regarding Free Public Education

Section 5 of Article lX of the State of California constitution guarantees students a ‘free public education.”  The state Supreme Court concluded in the 1984 case of Hartzell v. Connell (35 Cal. 3d.899 (1984)), “that all educational activities carried on by public school districts, extra-curricular as well as curricular, must be without cost to the students who participate in such activities.”  This same ruling found that “mandatory fees for participating in such extra-curricular activities as drama, music, and athletic competition were illegal under the State constitution.”  Furthermore, they also rejected the argument that “fees could be charged so long as the district waived fees for students who were financially unable to pay.”
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 Principal's Message



              We are now into our first full implementation year of Common Core State Standards for ELA and Math.  Teachers received several days of Staff Development training before the start of this school year on the new engageNY math curriculum for grades 1st through 6th and the Early Learning Math curriculum for Kindergarten.  Throughout last year  teachers had the opportunity to attend trainings on the     Common Core Shifts for ELA and Math.   Teachers will continue to meet and collaborate several times a month with a focus on providing a rigorous and relevant effective initial   instruction based on the Common Core State Standards as well as developing and monitoring academic interventions and enrichment opportunities for students.

Hopefully you were able to attend the Back to School Night classroom presentations last night where examples of the new curriculum expectations were shared for English Language Arts and Mathematics. 

        A brief three minute video explaining how the Common Core State Standards will help students achieve at high levels and help them learn what they need to know to  get  to  graduation  and  beyond  can  be  found  at  the  following  link . 

This year all grades TK through 6th have transitioned to a Standards Based Report Card  based on the Common Core State Standards.  If you were unable to  attend the video viewing at Back To School Night feel free to use the following link to access the video.:  

       If you have specific questions regarding the Common Core State Standards, our grade level curriculum, the standards-based report card  or any of our school programs please   do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or myself.  You can email  me    directly at   

      New this year we are participating in the WE Support Community Survey for parents.  This online survey is designed to provide our school with an understanding of the expectations and perceptions you as a parent and community member hold about Sonoma School and the student learning taking place.  Please refer to the information on the reverse side for directions on accessing the survey.  If you do not have internet access and wish to complete the survey please contact the front office in person or by phone at 576-4683 and we will coordinate options for you.


 Sonoma's Math Blast Team Celebrates Pi Day With Awards

Sonoma's 6th grade Math Blast team celebrated Pi Day of the Century (3/14/15) bringing home two awards from the Stanislaus County Math Blast competition held at MJC! 

 Sonoma Students Try Out an Electron Microscope

Fifth-grade students from Sonoma Elementary School visited Enochs High on Wednesday to learn how to use a high-powered scanning electron microscope, or SEM, on loan from Hitachi Corp. as part of an outreach program. Enochs science instructor Dave Menshew is helping introduce small groups of Modesto City Schools elementary students to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education to pique their interest for future study, said Becky Fortuna, public information officer for Modesto City Schools. There’s no peering, student by student, into a little eyepiece with this microscope. An SEM uses electrons instead of light to form an image of the sample being examined, and the image is shown on a monitor.


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