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 Boundary Information

Click here: Modesto City Schools Master Boundary Map 

Attendance boundaries are established using elementary school attendance areas, thus grouping students by their neighborhoods.

To determine your student’s high school, you may use the Find Your School Page and search by your home address. 

Procedures for Intra-district Transfers

Current procedures still apply. Board Policy states: "Students may enroll outside their attendance areas to take specific programs not available in the home school."  More information on Intra-District Transfers


Busing will be provided during the time of phase-in for upper-classmen and their younger sibling to the original school. When the upperclassmen are no longer at the original school, busing will stop for those there on the Sibling Option. Otherwise, current standards for busing apply:
  • High School walk distance = 3.0 miles
  • Junior High walk district = 2.0 miles
  • Elementary School walk district = 1.0 miles