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How to clear out those password dots
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Can you verify that your internet connection is working?

Try going to another web page and see if you can load it. is a good site because the data is continuously changing. Verify that you can load the page. 

If you cannot get to another website then make sure your computer is connecting able to connect to a valid internet source or contact your internet provider. PowerSchool Teacher cannot work without a working internet connection.  

Can you log into PowerTeacher Gradebook at School?

Verify that you can get into the gradebook when you are at the school district using their setup. 

If you cannot log into PowerTeacher Gradebook from your school computer then you need to discuss moving to the online gradebook with your PowerSchool specialist in your building or district

Can you log into PowerTeacher?

Check to make sure you can at least log into your PowerTeacher account before launching the gradebook.

**PowerTeacher is the area where you take attendance and launch the gradebook. True, the names are confusing but it's the convention that Pearson is using so...

If you can not log into PowerTeacher then contact your district's PowerSchool administrator to 1st determine why you can not get into the basic PowerTeacher pages.

Are you getting kicked off of PowerTeacher?

Are you having problems staying logged into PowerTeacher? 

If you can log into your PowerTeacher account from home but keep getting kicked off it might be that you are getting knocked off by your substitute. A user can only be logged in for one instance at a time. When a substitute teacher uses PowerSub and logs in to take attendance for your class they are essentially you and by that they will kick you off. Similarly if you log in after they log in you will kick them off. It's a last one wins system. A good idea is to avoid logging in during times where a substitute might be taking attendance for your class.

Do you have a valid browser?

Check to see that browser you are using is will work with the online gradebook

Valid Browsers Notes Source

Safari 2.0.x or later If you are using Safari 1.x or earlier update to the latest version of Safari Pearson School Systems

Firefox 2.0.x or later If you are using Firefox 1.x or earlier update to the latest version of Firefox Pearson School Systems

Internet Explorer 6 If you are using a version of IE that is earlier than 6 then please update to a new version or use a different browser

* some users have noticed problems with IE 6 and the gradebook. Please verify you have a valid version of Java and your OS is valid before determining that IE 6 is the problem. If everything else checks out please e-mail with the setup you are running and it will be added to the known list of problem setups. Pearson School Systems

Internet Explorer 7 Version tested and worked with Windows XP and Java 6

Do you have a valid version of java?

Check to see that your version of java on your computer is able run the gradebook. If you are not sure go to  

Valid Version Notes Source

Java 1.4.2

Go to Java's Download Site and download and install the current version of Java. Pearson School Systems

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