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Modesto City Schools has been recognized for excellence by national organizations, state agencies and the educational community throughout California. This distinction did not just happen. It occurred through the vision and leadership of Superintendent James C. Enochs and the commitment and continued support of Modesto City Schools’ Board of Education.

Communicating around the tenant that all students can learn, Superintendent James C. Enochs mobilized and organized the energy and efforts of administrators, teachers and support staff to create an integrated K-12 curriculum that emphasizes mastery of basic skills, high expectations for continuous academic achievement and responsible behavior for all students.

The cooperative effort fostered the development of numerous programs and activities to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of the instructional staff including a Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program, teacher mentoring program, content specific staff development activities, and instructional technology training.

If you share our commitment and seek a position where your effort will be recognized and supported, we encourage your application for employment.

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