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 Welcome to GATE

The Modesto City Schools GATE program offers an enriched and enhanced curriculum designed to go “above and beyond” the state standards. Students are exposed to foreign language and fine arts components as well as a variety of specialty topics provided by outside agencies. Students are encouraged to explore and broaden their educational experiences. Resources for parents, students, and the community. Includes GATE criteria, current research, practices and policies, the MCS district GATE plan, and useful links.

 Important GATE information

The Modesto City Schools GATE office screens applicants every year for placements in the GATE Learning Center sites. If you are interested in having your child screened for GATE, the first step is to contact your GATE site representative. A parent permission form is the first requirement for the process. For other information about the GATE program, GATE Learning Center sites, admissions and testing criteria, and GATE staff, click around this website! If there is information that you want but do not see on the website, feel free to us the “contact us” link and let our office know!

 Quotable Quotes

“Is there anything you need to know to help you be successful?” Kayte Ruggieri-Vessey said to her class as they were moving from the explanation of the assignment to the actual work. It was inspiring.

 Gate Resources

  Benchmarks and Standards
  California Association for the Gifted Child
  Gifted Resource Council
  National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)
  The Gifted Child Society
  Youth Enrichment and Talented & Gifted Programs

 GATE Links

  About Us
  GATE Advisory Parents Meeting (GAPS)
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  11/12 Site Representatives

 GATE Schools

  Lakewood Elementary School
  Martone Elementary
  Sonoma Elementary

 GATE Transportation

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